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Free Saturday breakfast!

I’m not sure about your specific situation, but Saturday morning usually finds me tired and hungry from whatever nocturnal activities is I was involved in the previous evening (usually that doesn’t include a dazzling tale of sexual conquest). Now, to deal with the feelings of hunger, of lack of inertia, of slight dizziness you invariably experience the next day, the best thing is to go out and eat, but if you’re anything like me (you’re not) you’ll remember all the money you spent last night you shouldn’t have and feel bad about splashing out on a $18 breakfast at some joint when it’s probably not going to be that good even (FACT – you can get a $10 big breakfast at the espy on Sundays. This however does not help us on a Saturday morning).

So on a Saturday morning (afternoon) when you feel you need to eat but don’t want to spend the money, and would like to get out of the house, I have an answer! Prepare your feeble earth mind to receive wisdom of pan dimensional beings! Two words: Prahran Market. Curious? Read on. There are two areas of interest, one is the deli area, and the other is the meat hall (bad name I know, but blame Prahran council or whoever is in charge of that kind of shit). So the crux of the matter is that in both the deli and the meat hall all the different store holders are trying to compete by giving out free food which is designed to sway you into buying their products which are delicious (free is also delicious). Highlights include the fresh pasta shop where they cook up a bunch of freshly made ravioli or gnocchi, every single barbeque is a win (and sometimes there’s even grilled fish if you’re lucky) especially the organic ones that put out stuff like tomato and onion sausages.

So that’s the big secret, go to the Prahran market, do several laps of each area, and wear non descript clothing so the stall holders don’t notice that you keep on swooping on their food like cognitively advanced seagulls.

Enjoy ūüėÄ

PS Let me know if anyone actually does this. I’d love to know I wasn’t the only cheapskate.


Fashion picks!

So its been a little while since I’ve posted and theres a few things that have caught my eye that I NEED to share with you all (7 people who read this blog haha).

80s sunnies – as you may have noticed theres been a massive surge in 80s inspired fashion and it’s no less apparent in the sunnies department. Several years ago it was aviators that were the thing and now you’ve probably noticed Ray Bans are THE hot ticket look at the moment but that is set to change (although there’ll always be some losers who cling to them).¬†No, no longer will raybans (which i noticed peaked in popularity when the “actors” in Twilight sported them) be the dominant sunglasses look, instead watch out for a style more like this:

oliver people frames

Oliver People frames

The style of frame is called Oliver People’s, and they will become quite big this summer, so watch out for them. If you like to stay ahead of trends I’d suggest picking up a pair, one place to go would be Incu men’s on Flinder’s Lane in the city.

So I work at G Star and the new drop crotch Scuba Elwoods have come in, and I tried them on. They’re not being put out on the floor yet so this is like a¬†sneak¬†peak at this very different (and cool) look that is becoming available. I doubt they’ll ever really catch on on in a huge way because they’re too different but no doubt you’ll see them around, worn by people who like to be different for the sake of it (people who think they are “avant garde”). Anyway they’re a sexy pair of jeans whether your wear them or not and I love G Star for making them.

me wearing Scuba Elwood drop crotch in the stock room

Scuba Elwood drop crotch

So thats my summary of some thoughts I’ve had about various fashion topics recently, I’ve got a few more blog posts planned (about other stuff like eating for free on a Saturday morning) so keep your peepers peeled!

Mighty Boots

Like so many people out there I am completely and utterly taken by the TV show (it’s so much more though) The Mighty Boosh. The kookiness, the surreality, the banter (especially the banter) and the devil may care attitudes they have in producing the show just suck me in, and I never want to stop watching. I feel like Noel and Julian (the main actors, Vince and Howard respectively) do what they find amusing and devil take the rest of us if we don’t.

Anyway, one of the major things about the show that really inspires me is the character Vince’s and by extension Noel Fielding’s wardrobe. The fact that he takes random styles and makes them cool (like the¬†Jacobean¬†ruff coming back into style one episode, or¬†wet suits¬†in another) is the best. I never thought I’d think a complete body suit made of silver sequins to be cool but Vince shows us otherwise. And there’s so many things like this throughout the show.

While not all of Vince’s fashion triumphs are directly¬†translatable¬†to myself there are a number of things he wears that are just SO FUCKING COOL e.g. the meggings (ultra tight skinny jeans he wears), the funky jackets, but most of all I am in love with the boots he has. The pointy toes, the heels, the colors, the boots are mindblowing. And for quite a while now I’ve been looking for a pair for myself. My first thought on where to look was Brunswick st because if there’s anywhere in Melbourne that has the right sort of Camden, Mighty Boosh vibe it’s Brunswick st. So I went there and found a pretty cool pair of boots that were similar to what I was looking for, albeit with the wrong heels, a boring black color and and weird toes.

old boots

old boots

They also had a cool like metal attachment like spurs but without the actual spurs bit. Of course I showed them to all my friends (some loved them, some hated them) and found out that that particular type of shoe is called a winklepicker.

Just the other day I bought the new live Boosh DVD (future sailors tour) and Noel had these awesome boots that were miles ahead of mine in terms of sheer style. The heel was different, the toe was different, and most of all the boots were silver. Silver! So there and then I decided to get a pair for me. I did a lot of searching for winklepickers but¬†couldn’t¬†find what I wanted. I checked out the Wikipedia page on them and found they’re also called chelsea boots, and some have what’s called a cuban heel. Armed with this new knowledge I scoured ebay and fell in love.

silver winklepickers

silver winklepickers

Long story short, I bought them last night ūüėÄ apparently they should only take 7 days to get here by courier too so I’ll have them for a mates big birthday thing next weekend. Fucking go me.

Moral of the story? If you want a pair of boots like that they are called either winklepickers or chelsea boots, and you must make sure they have a cuban heel. But don’t get silver, because that that color’s MINE!

Hallo Welt!

Hi! And welcome to my brand spanking, hot out of the oven, fresh new blog! Hope you enjoy the journey we go on as we explore the world, both virtual and real. From the darkest corners of the internet (I’m looking at you 4chan) to stuff I find on¬†eBay¬†and¬†Digg, films I see, music I hear (when up late, baked, watching Rage), ideas I have, books I’ve read etc, ¬†this blog will be a place to share all the coolest stuff that nobody else knows about, all in the one little¬†column.

So strap yourselves in, bookmark this page, and thats about all you need (apart from a refresh every now and again) to enjoy this hot tasty blog.

And of course if you have no interest in such things then kindly fuck off ūüôā