Fashion picks!

So its been a little while since I’ve posted and theres a few things that have caught my eye that I NEED to share with you all (7 people who read this blog haha).

80s sunnies – as you may have noticed theres been a massive surge in 80s inspired fashion and it’s no less apparent in the sunnies department. Several years ago it was aviators that were the thing and now you’ve probably noticed Ray Bans are THE hot ticket look at the moment but that is set to change (although there’ll always be some losers who cling to them). No, no longer will raybans (which i noticed peaked in popularity when the “actors” in Twilight sported them) be the dominant sunglasses look, instead watch out for a style more like this:

oliver people frames

Oliver People frames

The style of frame is called Oliver People’s, and they will become quite big this summer, so watch out for them. If you like to stay ahead of trends I’d suggest picking up a pair, one place to go would be Incu men’s on Flinder’s Lane in the city.

So I work at G Star and the new drop crotch Scuba Elwoods have come in, and I tried them on. They’re not being put out on the floor yet so this is like a sneak peak at this very different (and cool) look that is becoming available. I doubt they’ll ever really catch on on in a huge way because they’re too different but no doubt you’ll see them around, worn by people who like to be different for the sake of it (people who think they are “avant garde”). Anyway they’re a sexy pair of jeans whether your wear them or not and I love G Star for making them.

me wearing Scuba Elwood drop crotch in the stock room

Scuba Elwood drop crotch

So thats my summary of some thoughts I’ve had about various fashion topics recently, I’ve got a few more blog posts planned (about other stuff like eating for free on a Saturday morning) so keep your peepers peeled!


1 Response to “Fashion picks!”

  1. 1 superiorbacteria 11/05/2010 at 4:23 pm

    i’m sorry but those jeans are horrible

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