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The importance of accessorizing

Oftentimes, even with an amazing outfit you can find that your appearance lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. When one does some really in-depth analysis it quite often boils down to a simple lack of accessorizing and/or styling. Shirts, pants, and shoes do not an outfit make. You’ll end up looking like a jedi all swathed in cloth, that is, boring (at least they have lightsabers). The way to really add OOMPH and STYLE to any outfit is (drum roll please) …accessorizing. Yes, that’s right, simply adorning yourself with extra items which serve no real purpose other than enhancing your outfit is my preferred method of dressing. It’s like having a conversation with someone who has something to say about everything, there’s lots to say, you just hope its worth hearing, and the same goes for accessorizing, you need to make sure that whatever you’re wearing is worth displaying.

So how do we accessorize? Well, there are loads of ways and all of them allow you to further express your own individual style. Basically any part of your body not covered in clothes you can wear accessories. Different things you can wear are rings, bracelets, scarves, glasses, belts, some types of jackets (blazers, coats etc), necklaces, nail polish, earings, tattoos, headbands, hats, etc. Kind of an exhaustive list you can dip into when looking to accessorize.

My suggestion for basic accessorizing would be rings, bracelets, and sunnies, and possibly a necklace (scarf for winter). Thats a good basic kit so to speak. Now, it’s very important when accessorizing that you ensure that you are creating/extending your own style as bad accessories look tacked on and uninteresting. A perfect example is not getting Ray Bans Wayfarers, just because every man and his dog now have a pair. I’m not knocking them by the way, they are definitely a nice style of sunglasses but there are plenty of other nice sunglasses out there, and very high on my list of advice is not following trends (too much anyway) as it doesn’t denote style as much as mindless herd following, something I can’t abide. Robert Patinson wears them, that alone should be reason enough not to. For example, I’m currently looking at getting some new sunglasses, and the style I’m looking at is a round horn-rim style. They are very much in fashion because of the tortoiseshell frames (just becoming popular at the moment) and the 60’s/70’s look, but at the same time they’re quite unique and don’t ape the wayfarer look. You might remember one of my earlier posts mentioned new frames that were becoming more popular, aka the Oliver people’s frames (the frames in the picture of that post are called Clubmaster frames), well they’ve become too popular and now everyone has them and you can buy cheapies pretty much anywhere. So that’s why I’m not going for them.

old school horn rim glasses

The best way to accessorize is to figure out a genre/style/look that pretty much only you do (mine’s electro-space-glam-rock n roll) so that you have your basic look sorted. The more adjectives you have the more specific and therefore unique your style will be. Just a heads up. Anyway, next work out what accessories you need to complement that style. That way you never end up just being swayed by the masses and looking boring. Another example (sorry if I sound self-centered, but I’m own best example) is that I wanted to get a necklace, but I wasn’t sure what to get except that it obviously couldn’t be trendy (aka no cruicifixes, rosaries or thick figaro chains). I thought about putting different objects on a chain, I had some bad ideas (upside down crucifix, ring, vampire teeth) and then some good but impractical ideas like for example a little vial of my own blood on a chain. Finally I figured out an old key on a chain would be an awesome look and voila! I have a new necklace that’s different. I’d just like to add at this point that I’m aware some women have keys on chains (Swarovski do a crystal studded one) but the look I’m going for is more of a “found” look IE I just happen to have strung an old key I have on a chain. But I’m aware I’m not the only person to do this look…just one of the very very few. Also, the benefit of the “found” look is that it makes the accessory look like it was your sudden inspiration and not something that was carefully calculated which of course enhances the unique look of the item. Yes I’m aware it’s misleading.

So I hope this helps anyone who actually reads this blog in getting some cool looks happening, and if you use any ideas or are (possibly) inspired by what I’ve written take a photo and share your look. Until next time folks, same glam time, same glam channel 😀


Shining Silver Shoes

I finally got the silver winklepicker boots, after a long wait and a bit of a mix up the day has come where my feet are sheathed in the shiny goodness! At first I ordered a UK size 9 pair because thats what I was in Doc Martins, but it seems there was a bit of a discrepancy as the boots (when the finally came) were almost too small to physically fit on my feet. In the end I did manage to squeeze them on but that was even worse as they were far, far too tight and extremely painful to wear for any more than say 10 minutes. I was very disapointed, moreso because the boots were just so cool and I couldn’t wear them. Long story short, I ordered UK size 11 boots, they arrived just a few days ago and are amazing!! Really really quality boots and they just look so cool, I feel like a space prostitute wearing them (that’s a good thing). Anyway theres not a lot more to be written about them as the boot are more of an experience so you’ll just have to check out the photos to get an idea of the WIN they have. If you ever want boots like this you can get them from here. Just don’t get silver or I will murder you and your family!

sleek and sexy

a blurry sighting of a space prostitute

Malice in wonderland – Some bad juju here

So I just stumbled across this video that is possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a while. When I watch it, I think of some bizarre Swedish/Norwegian manic depressive taking copious amounts of acid in the 80’s, reading Alice in Wonderland and producing this. Nightmares are made from it. I kind of suggest not watching this while on drugs.

Also, there’s a prevalence of (disturbing) vaginas and penises. so NSFW.

Vikki Blows – NSFW

Just a quick post. I thought EVERYONE should have a chance to know who Vikki Blows is. Absolute perfection. And she’s from the UK (where they have topless women on the third page of their newspaper – pretty sure that makes it the ultimate heaven, better than the Christian one really. And if I don’t go to hell for that I hope I can go to the UK).

say hello



i think you get the idea now

just to make sure

Meggings! Jacket! Shiny!

I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED!! Sorry, but I had to get that out of the way. I just couldn’t think of another way to start this post either, I’m not very creative. Why so excited, you ask? Well for several very good reasons actually, read on to find out ALL about it (in excruciating detail that no one cares for except for your truly).

Thanks to the advice of a mate, I went to Cotton On and bought myself a pair of meggings, something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. First off, they were only $25 so straight away really really cheap (compared to skinny jeans etc) and good value no matter how much or little I wear them. I make a point of that, if I’m trying a new look I’ll get the signature piece cheap and that way if it doesn’t pan out (I can’t make it work) it doesn’t really affect my bank balance anyway. No up front investment required. Good advice that.

I must say the experience of crossing over from the mens side of the store to the women’s side is odd (and somewhat intimidating), and I think my brother summed it up best when he described it as you “feeling like people will think you’re a pervert”. That’s exactly what it feels like too, that  you’re a pervert for wanting to wear women’s clothes and everyone’s looking at you and judging you and thinking “what a pervert”. I probably am though.

So I got the meggings and they’re fucking awesome, I dont think I’ve been this happy with a clothing purchase in ages (apart from all the other clothing I bought recently, they’re my best purchases in ages). They’re just a basic black wet look pair of tights and first thing that guys should know about women’s tights is that they are really comfortable (I’m wearing them now) and based on this and other observations I’m going to say that girls get all the best clothes. Also whenever I go into a store with women’s and mens clothing I prefer to check out the women’s stuff, mostly because of how it’s all shiny, but also because it’s all so much more interesting and exciting. And I miss that, I used to get it, that excitement when you had discovered a new style or look or whatever and how it opened up this whole vista of possibilities and you’d get this giddy feeling of excitement. Actually that perfectly sums up my first impression of the G-Star collection when it was first launched in Australia and I first saw it advertised (in mX if I remember rightly), it was like someone had reinvented jeans and we were on the forefront of a clothing revolution. Obviously that never happened and there are still bumpkins in the sticks wearing their Billabong jeans but I guess I got a bit swept up but I miss that feeling all the same. I get the same thing every now and again when I see a film or read a book or discover something new and exciting and fresh and unique. So this is the first item of clothing I’ve got to go toward my new style I want to pioneer, a mighty fusion of metal/glam/rocker looks into one sexy package (me, believe it or not).

I’ve also been wanting for a while now to grab a jacket that’s light and shiny, dressy so I can wear it out at night, or on cool days, and that’s smart and flexible. Also shiny, did I mention that? And I found this jacket at work, (G-Star, of course), it’s called the new tech jacket and its shiny electric blue, literally sex with sleeves (oh and pockets). So I’m pretty excited about that. To properly illustrate why I’m so excited I will now include pictures to inspire (and to make you jealous).

Credit to Topas for taking the happy snaps.

Also, before I go, the boots are on their way. They should be here already but due to a mishap it’ll be another two weeks or so. Hold tight, and there’ll definitely be more posts before that. Until then enjoy 🙂

electro metal glam rock

well, the jacket looks good at least

electro metal glam rock

a sexy beast

electro metal glam rock

sleek pins