Shining Silver Shoes

I finally got the silver winklepicker boots, after a long wait and a bit of a mix up the day has come where my feet are sheathed in the shiny goodness! At first I ordered a UK size 9 pair because thats what I was in Doc Martins, but it seems there was a bit of a discrepancy as the boots (when the finally came) were almost too small to physically fit on my feet. In the end I did manage to squeeze them on but that was even worse as they were far, far too tight and extremely painful to wear for any more than say 10 minutes. I was very disapointed, moreso because the boots were just so cool and I couldn’t wear them. Long story short, I ordered UK size 11 boots, they arrived just a few days ago and are amazing!! Really really quality boots and they just look so cool, I feel like a space prostitute wearing them (that’s a good thing). Anyway theres not a lot more to be written about them as the boot are more of an experience so you’ll just have to check out the photos to get an idea of the WIN they have. If you ever want boots like this you can get them from here. Just don’t get silver or I will murder you and your family!

sleek and sexy

a blurry sighting of a space prostitute


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