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amazing stuff!!! <– the extra exclamation for extra emphasis!

ok cool so there are a few things that I have come accross/discovered lately that NEED to be shared.

Lego sunglasses – how insanely cool is this? Some genius worked out that lego is cool, and sunglasses are cool, so to make them even cooler lego + sunglasses = epic win! I want a pair of these, but a cursory search of the internet reveals nothing. Does anyone know where I could purchase them from? Let me know if you do. Anyway the main point is that these sunnies are the best. Imagine adding on some antenna or even a little lego figure sitting on the side. I’ve got to stop thinking about them now.

So I was at work, and someone came in looking for hats and asking if I knew any good places to get one. It turns out they didn’t have a good idea of what they wanted, so we were talking about different styles. After they left, I was pondering the fact I never wear hats as NONE suit me, and I was trying to picture a hat that would. Suddenly, into my mostly empty cranium popped the image of me, in a pilots hat…imagine that! So today, on my day off, not really expecting to find anything, I thought I’d check some places out to see if I could find one. And guess what? The first place I went (army disposals on Chapel St) had exactly what I wanted. The girl who was working there was pretty cool as well, she names all the hats there, mine is called “Gerald”. As I was trying it on, she noted (to my pleasure) that I strongly resembled Noel Fielding. Apparently she had actually stalked him when she was in the UK, and when she finally met him, she lost the ability to form words and simply touched him on the arm. Anyway I next went to Eurotrash where I was selling my second pair of silver boots (the ones that were too small) and the owner, Margaret, also commented on the hat and how good it looked. As did one of the hairdressers that works at the back of the shop. I look hot in this hat, I’m wearing it out next time I got out. I’m very pleased with it, it was $70 (very reasonable), and it really boosts the 60’s-70’s Brit rock look I’m going for. If I see anyone wearing them though I’m going to assume you got the idea from me! 😛

A small thought here, but along with the spats, a cool look that used to be big in the 30’s and 40’s is the bow tie. And it’s a really cool look to bring back. I’m planning to browse a few places and see what funky designs I can find.

Another cool look that has a small following but has never really caught on is the suspenders (worn off the shoulder, hanging down behind). I’ve got myself a pair, they really make an outfit look special. Just a little accessory that can really change an outfit.

And finally, a little bit of advice, I’ve found that it really makes a difference buttoning up that top button when wearing a shirt. It’s small and subtle, but the change it effects is large. Give it a go, see what I’m talking about.


Apparently the 80s are OUT

According to this. I disagree. While the 80s will be less mainstream than before I doubt the influence will evaporate like fog, leaving us with 30s and 40s inspired outfits. Trends by definition do go in and out of fashion, but instead of disappearing I expect the 80s look to go underground again, much like it has been before its flirtation with the mainstream. As for the earlier decades, the only style I would draw inspiration from is the jazz age look – flapper women and men dressing sharply (spats!). Think of the massive parties from the Great Gatsby…they were pretty cool.

I may regret this in the future (but I can always come back and edit this later haha) but I for one will not give up on the 70s-80s looks.

Jacket advice

So to make up for my lack of posts I’m doing two. This ones about jackets. Awhile back you may remember I was quite excited because I got a sick (but expensive) jacket from G-Star Raw that was thin and shiny. Cool stuff. But I’ve since come to realise that what is even better as a light summer/autumn jacket is actually a tailored and fitted blazer. It harkens back to the mod look and the 60s and is really awesome. Even when you’re fairly casual you look dressed up to the nines. Which by the way I’m now going to make an effort to do. For work, on my days off, going out, whenever, I’ll look good.

Tell me that isn’t fucking cool. Not to toot my own trumpet or anything haha. A word of advice about getting them as well is that for me anyway, getting them almost one size too small is the best look. As long as your not fat. Which I’m not. But no, what I mean is that my look is a tall and skinny look, and if the sleeves are ever so short, it’ll emphasize that look.

Enjoy the awesomeness 😀

Return of the Posts – I am back!!!

Not that anyone noticed I was gone no doubt. Anyway I have a new resolution now to do a post a day for anyone that does read my blog (all ONE of you haha). I can’t promise that they’ll always be amazing (but who am I kidding, of COURSE they will) but at least there will always be something new to think about and look at etc. Even if i just post some picture or other I steal off another (better) site.

Anyway to accompany this post I though I’d mention that I’ve found a place that does boots in Melbourne of the type that I am so fond of, the pointy toed rocker boot with a heel (technically, a winklepicker boot with cuban heel). The place that makes them is called Shoes by Rocco and has an amazing pedigree, being that HEAPS of famous people have bought shoes from there, people like Bowie (BOWIE), The Strokes, Jet, Dallas Crane, and Bon Jovie, among many others. In fact, Rocco has become something of a rock and roll legend himself thanks to the style of shoes he makes, with exhibitions of his work displayed at real art galleries.

I am SO getting a pair. I went in the other day and spoke to John, Rocco’s son (who is now taking over the business) and they are custom making boots from the end of February. I want to get mine custom made because if I’m going to get boots that are from a legend, off the shelf just won’t do. I’m thinking about getting a pair of red leather ankle boots, and getting a custom stamp or engraving put on the side of the boot to make it more personal, something like “Henderson” or the Henderson family crest. I’m not sure yet, but I’ve got a month to work it out.

Also, apparently it’s doppelganger week, mine in case you can’t guess is Vince Noir/Noel Fielding. Whats yours?