Return of the Posts – I am back!!!

Not that anyone noticed I was gone no doubt. Anyway I have a new resolution now to do a post a day for anyone that does read my blog (all ONE of you haha). I can’t promise that they’ll always be amazing (but who am I kidding, of COURSE they will) but at least there will always be something new to think about and look at etc. Even if i just post some picture or other I steal off another (better) site.

Anyway to accompany this post I though I’d mention that I’ve found a place that does boots in Melbourne of the type that I am so fond of, the pointy toed rocker boot with a heel (technically, a winklepicker boot with cuban heel). The place that makes them is called Shoes by Rocco and has an amazing pedigree, being that HEAPS of famous people have bought shoes from there, people like Bowie (BOWIE), The Strokes, Jet, Dallas Crane, and Bon Jovie, among many others. In fact, Rocco has become something of a rock and roll legend himself thanks to the style of shoes he makes, with exhibitions of his work displayed at real art galleries.

I am SO getting a pair. I went in the other day and spoke to John, Rocco’s son (who is now taking over the business) and they are custom making boots from the end of February. I want to get mine custom made because if I’m going to get boots that are from a legend, off the shelf just won’t do. I’m thinking about getting a pair of red leather ankle boots, and getting a custom stamp or engraving put on the side of the boot to make it more personal, something like “Henderson” or the Henderson family crest. I’m not sure yet, but I’ve got a month to work it out.

Also, apparently it’s doppelganger week, mine in case you can’t guess is Vince Noir/Noel Fielding. Whats yours?


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