Mortal Coil

So I decided to upload my short film I made a while back called Mortal Coil. It was a final project for my final year of studying multimedia, and while it’s cheesy as hell and somewhat dodgy (in an endearing way I like to think), it’s still enjoyable and fun. Looking back on it, it is very much a student film kind of production, even though at the time I was trying to be slick and cool and not like that at all. Even the name; Mortal Coil is sooo contrived. Still, that’s half the fun isn’t it?

When you click on the video be sure to click the HD option and then follow the link to the Vimeo website for the full HD experience 😀 otherwise it’s going to look tiny, and kind of shit. Also, I look a lot cooler these days than I did when I made this. Just putting that out there heh.


1 Response to “Mortal Coil”

  1. 1 superiorbacteria 11/05/2010 at 3:48 pm

    I decided to actually read your blog
    and im so glad i did because seriously HAHAHA this shit is so funny
    the walk
    the clothes
    and wtf is that thing that looks like a vulture?
    that bit at 1.30ish to 150ish with the girl is cool though
    HAHAHAHAHA ‘who are you?’ oh dear god ahahhaha this has made my night
    i like it, even though its lame its actually pretty cool.. but mainly towards the end
    at the begining i was laughing so hard

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