Coolest Belt Buckle Ever

Came across this little gem while browsing the net, I signed up to win one but didn’t. Oh well haha, it’s still pretty sick and I want one (despite my promise to myself to rein in spending so I can travel a bit). Basically you can set it up so it scrolls whatever text you want across the buckle in LED lights. Just imagine the things you could make it say!! My mind is boggling; “I am from the future” or “is this the dick party?” or “ready the turbo engines” or “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, RANGERS IN SPACE” etc etc. (btw if you got the references I just threw in there congratulations, you’re just as sad/awesome as I am, although I made the “I am from the future” one up myself). You can find them on ebay for about $30 a pop. Pretty damn affordable.

Oh and feel free to buy me one if you like 😀


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