Lady Gaga Polaroid video glasses

I highly doubt any of you are coming to this blog for the latest news, so consequently I doubt this will be that new to anyone, but sometimes you come across stuff you just have to talk about, even if theres nothing new to say about it.

And behold, I give you the GL20’s, Lady Gaga’s creation from a collaboration with Polaroid of all people. Honestly I was surprised to hear about them, because really, they haven’t been relevant for about 10 years when we started getting digital cameras. The last time I remember seeing one used was in the UK office, which is now about 10 years old. And Outkast had that song that went “shake it like a polaroid peeeekcha!” from about the same time. So yeah. Who’s taking polaroids these days? Guess this is their way of rebooting themselves (I hate myself that I just used that term).

Anyway, these things looking MINDBLOWINGLY sweet. Unless they are over about $500.00 I’m getting a pair because even if I never wear them, who the hell cares? It’s a functioning piece of art if you ask me. Some people pay thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars for a painting, to me this is the same sort of thing, except it does something. And look, I don’t have high hopes for being the next Bowie, but if I ever do this is the shit I would wear while performing.


2 Responses to “Lady Gaga Polaroid video glasses”

  1. 1 Seo Tools 13/01/2011 at 8:49 am


    Lady Gaga has been the creative director at Polaroid for exactly one year now, and, judging by its new line of products, the partnership definitely helped Polaroid establish a new direction for the company.


  2. 2 seotools 13/01/2011 at 10:36 am

    he GL20 shades have a USB key in the earpiece so imagery can be transferred to a computer and uploaded to the Internet. The shades will be released later this year at an unspecified price.

    They’re part of a Grey Label lineup of Gaga-inspired products. Also coming out this year is the GL30 Instant Digital Camera, a printer-enabled device that evokes Polaroid’s instant camera glory days. The 12-megapixel shooter can hold 10 3×4-inch prints and features a swiveling LCD screen for viewing pics before printing.

    The GL10 Instant Mobile Printer is a 15-ounce brushed metal device that can produce Polaroid-style prints in under a minute. It can link to phones via Bluetooth or cameras and PCs via USB.

    The ink-free printer uses heat to colorize crystals on 3×4-inch Zink Imaging glossy, tear-proof photo paper, and can print up to 40 pics when its rechargeable battery is fully juiced; filters and borders can be customized for cool


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