We are the observers

I’ve had the realisation that really, the only purpose we serve on this planet is to observe. Yes, we reproduce but ultimately only to continue to be able to observe. They say that by observing a situation you change it. What if really we existed because it was only by observing that our nature of reality continued to exist. In other words it’s only because we’re here on earth that it exists.

Thought experiment: imagine a place you’ve never been before, never heard of before, never thought about before. Take the edge of your know universe, and move a bit to the left. Ok, that place your now thinking of, for all you know, it doesn’t exist, you have no way of being there to observe it, or proving that by thinking of the edge of the universe it’s actually real. There’s that old saying “if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, does it make a sound?”, well I ask you, if you have no conception of a place that may or may not exist, there are no ways to show it does indeed exist (written accounts, video footage etc.) then really, does it actually exist?

What if everything we knew simply came into being as we observed it? Similar idea to quantum theory really, that nothing is set until you measure or observe it. Following this scientific thought, that means if no one was here to measure or observe our universe, it had no sentient life forms, it would exist only as potential and not as reality.


PS pro-mindfuck: what if only robots existed, ones that were not what we would consider intelligent, with the intelligence of pocket calculators, but they were set to measure things, would our universe still exist?



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