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Fuck pictures of Kardashian and Lohan and those other skanks. people miss the best stuff on the internet because they don’t know where to look.




Kanye West – Runaway video

I caught this on Rage a few weeks back. I hate Kanye (the man and his ego) along with the best of them, but his music and vision is just so fresh and interesting, and frankly it’s beautiful. Even the subject of the song is completely different to 100% of the other rappers out there. There’s a lot of feeling on this song, and on all the other songs on this album. Better than 808 and heartbreak, really some of the best mainstream music out there.

How did I not hear about this sooner

So I just happened across this on Aintitcool and thought I’d have a look and see what it’s all about. Turns out it’s all about WIN because this trailer is fucking cool. Plus I’ve been a Michael Cera fan since Arrested Development (when’s that movie coming along?). Enjoy 🙂


Hahahaha Gary Busey is awesome, and also insane. Star of some crap action movies back in the 80’s he had and accident and suffered brain damage. And is still suffering today from the looks of things. Some British guy tried to interview him for some pre Oscars event and I think what resulted is the clearest and most candid look into the mind of someone truly insane.

I love the bit where he starts vigorously shaking his head for no reason other than pure liquid insanity.

Mortal Coil

So I decided to upload my short film I made a while back called Mortal Coil. It was a final project for my final year of studying multimedia, and while it’s cheesy as hell and somewhat dodgy (in an endearing way I like to think), it’s still enjoyable and fun. Looking back on it, it is very much a student film kind of production, even though at the time I was trying to be slick and cool and not like that at all. Even the name; Mortal Coil is sooo contrived. Still, that’s half the fun isn’t it?

When you click on the video be sure to click the HD option and then follow the link to the Vimeo website for the full HD experience 😀 otherwise it’s going to look tiny, and kind of shit. Also, I look a lot cooler these days than I did when I made this. Just putting that out there heh.

Apparently the 80s are OUT

According to this. I disagree. While the 80s will be less mainstream than before I doubt the influence will evaporate like fog, leaving us with 30s and 40s inspired outfits. Trends by definition do go in and out of fashion, but instead of disappearing I expect the 80s look to go underground again, much like it has been before its flirtation with the mainstream. As for the earlier decades, the only style I would draw inspiration from is the jazz age look – flapper women and men dressing sharply (spats!). Think of the massive parties from the Great Gatsby…they were pretty cool.

I may regret this in the future (but I can always come back and edit this later haha) but I for one will not give up on the 70s-80s looks.

Jacket advice

So to make up for my lack of posts I’m doing two. This ones about jackets. Awhile back you may remember I was quite excited because I got a sick (but expensive) jacket from G-Star Raw that was thin and shiny. Cool stuff. But I’ve since come to realise that what is even better as a light summer/autumn jacket is actually a tailored and fitted blazer. It harkens back to the mod look and the 60s and is really awesome. Even when you’re fairly casual you look dressed up to the nines. Which by the way I’m now going to make an effort to do. For work, on my days off, going out, whenever, I’ll look good.

Tell me that isn’t fucking cool. Not to toot my own trumpet or anything haha. A word of advice about getting them as well is that for me anyway, getting them almost one size too small is the best look. As long as your not fat. Which I’m not. But no, what I mean is that my look is a tall and skinny look, and if the sleeves are ever so short, it’ll emphasize that look.

Enjoy the awesomeness 😀