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Redheads – A roundup

I’m not even sure why I’m doing this, but at the suggestion of a (ginger) friend, I’m doing a post about gingers (rangas, redheads, coppers, whatever derogatory term you can think of) and all their cultural significance (probably not much).

why do I even bother?

In case the chap in the image above isn’t familiar to you by the way, he’s an internet phenomenon (for all the wrong reasons of course) and anyone who’s sad enough to spend large amounts of time on the internet (myself) would know who he is. It’s a really good test actually, to tell how geeky you are, just peruse a bunch of memes and see how many you know. The less you know, of course, the more fulfilling your life.  Anyway, the story with the ginger kid above is that South Park did an episode that said that ginger people have no souls. I didn’t think anyone took that show seriously but apparently this kid did. Idiot. He made a video rebutting South Park’s “claims” insisting famously that “Gingers do have souls” and that is now how he is known on the internet. Seriously, google it.

South Park then went and mocked that, leading to more videos from the copper crusader. So thats one strike against gingers I think, he’s really not doing much for their credibility as a group. Or for Christians either for that matter. Fail.

A ginger that everyone knows and likes (or at least doesn’t hate) is Ronald Weasley from the Harry Potter francise. Although if you needed that little jog of the memory what rock have you been hiding under? Everyone knows the dude.

a face even a mother couldn't love

smarmy git

Theres not much else to say about him, except that Ron continues the stereotype of gingers being stupid sidekicks, thickheaded numbskulls who go around doing nothing more than making us laugh at their expense. No wonder they get a bad rap with this sort of mainstream exposure.

So this guy isn’t a ginger, obviously. But Jonah (as played by comedian Chris Lilley on Summer Heights High) was one of the first people I saw using the word “ranga” to describe a ginger person. I actually found the whole thing quite amusing because at that point in my life I wasn’t even aware that people with red hair were picked on or victimized (apart from the obligatory “does the carpet match the drapes?” comment on first meeting which isn’t really a big deal). So to see him have a go a small kid with red hair I found rather satirical of the way bullies of any sort operate; namely to insult someone in a way that was illogical, and therefore difficult to respond to (tried arguing with a crazy person before?).

But to me this sums up the whole situation with having a go at ginger people, someone has a dig, the red head thinks it’s unfair and takes offense, and because they’re getting a rise out of the victim, the bully will continue to harass. Remember when your mum told you to ignore what the bullies said and they’d go away? Yeah, she was right all along.

she is right, and you are wrong

Anyway to balance all of this ginger hate out, there are red headed people out there who are liked and even respected. I’ve already mention Ron from Harry Potter, who no doubt is loved by geeks and kids all over the world (even if we still laugh at him for being a dumbass), but there are others as well. Let me point you in the direction of Christina Hendricks.

making up for every other ginger all by herself

you get the idea I'm sure...

So I mean obviously she’s hot and attractive and also a red head. But even though I could stop here and redheads would still be winning, I think it’d be fair to mention a few others (even if they aren’t as good as Miss Hendricks).

less hot but more respect, like commanding one of the great empires of the world respect

another red headed royal. life can't be too bad for this guy

Nobody hated her (except for the supernatural) but then again, never got anywhere apart from the x-files, so I think she broke even really.

why do all the redhead guys look like douche bags?

and all the female red heads are pretty hot

And there are others like Napoleon (yes, that Napoleon), Geri Halliwell, Carrot top (although it’s easy to argue that he and all references to him should be suppressed), Debra Messing, and the list just goes on and on.

So to sum up: people give gingers shit, gingers are pussies and take offense to this, people keep doing it because it’s funny. But at the end of the day gingers are just people with red hair (and freckles) who burn easily. I’m pretty damn sure that’s all there is to say about the subject. Although I can’t expect it, I hope never to have to talk about the gingerliness of anyone ever again.

some random ranga and a cohort


WHY? Who thought this would be a good idea?


"Patent Pending" yeah, good luck with that

They sell a holster too, so you can carry around the bananaphone without inconvinience (or dignity).

totally badass

Lady Gaga conspiracy theories (I used up all my puns on the article)

Today’s post is just a few small things I’ve found regarding Lady Gaga over the last couple of days.

First off is this bizarre and unintentionally hilarious page which is all about how Lady Gaga is an Illuminati puppet (remember them from that shitty Tom Hanks sequel to the Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons?). Yeah, well they guy who wrote this page believes that Lady Gaga (along with other pop stars like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Taylor Swift) are being controlled by the Illuminati to brainwash people with occult symbolism. Funnily enough, he never explains quite why he thinks a pop star would want to put occult brainwashing messages in a video clip (and he never, ever explains how having occult symbolism in a video is meant to actually brainwash someone), I can see them wanting hidden messages in their stuff saying “Buy my shit!” (although I doubt it’s really effective, even if it’s possible) but this is not that at all.

Buy my shit!

Even more hilarious are the comments on the article, which seem to be written by and large by bible-bashing, redneck, fundamentalist Christians. They seem to be very clear on why there would be occult messages in video clips (“It’s Satan!! ZOMG! Trying to corrupt out children! The end times!”) but again they never explain what Lady Gaga is getting out of it. I mean, if you’re a world famous pop star with sold out shows around the world, making millions of dollars, the number one thing on your to-do list is converting everyone to Satanism right? Because thats in your interests isn’t it? Oh right, it isn’t. Ok, so the Christians are just batshit crazy then. Good, glad thats finally sorted. There’s several articles on that site about Lady Gaga, all of them retarded, and I even found a link in the comments to another site that claimed definitively that Lady Gaga was a witch. Like, they had the proof that she was flying around on a broomstick or something. I dunno, I didn’t bother reading it.

Lady Gaga - the early years

That said, after all my retard-bashing, it is interesting to notice that although the author of the article is mentally deficient, he has (in his own paranoid way) picked up on symbolism that Lady Gaga does employ during her performances. And it’s quite interesting as it’s stuff that I (and I’m guessing most people) wouldn’t have picked up on by watching it once (it’s not like I’m watching her video clips over and over, admiring her lack of clothes and suggestive dance moves or anything). One of the biggest things that was pointed out was her use of covering one eye, which can be interpreted any which way (like it just being stylistically a cool look). The author of the article suggests that she is giving the sign of the great seal (you know the pyramid with the eye in it) which is meant to be a symbol of the Illuminati.

Evil Incarnate

There’s other stuff there as well, and as I said, although I don’t agree with the conclusions drawn by the author (because, you know, he’s spewing crazy juice everywhere like a hobo that just drank a bottle of methylated spirits) there’s definitely more to her videos than dance moves and pop music, and if I had to hazard a guess, it would be that she employs strong symbolism that subconsciously one starts to recognize as her “look”, even though it’s hard to put your finger on what that look is. Having a design background, a lot of brands do the same thing whereby they create a lot of small details that when seen in context evoke a particular look or style that is associated with the brand, but is hard for a casual observer to put their finger on (and therefore creates more value in the eyes of the consumer because it’s that much harder to emulate, and that much more “authentic”). Think of Michael Jackson. He was more than just a pop singer and became a phenomenon because he defined himself as someone different from “the rest” by his look, his clothes (the glove, the white socks, etc), and especially his dance moves. He created iconic dance moves that either only he could do, or if someone else did do them, it was clear they were simply copying him. Of course not everyone is capable of creating incredible dance moves, so the next best thing is to create other “moves” that you get known for. In this case it’s kind of hard to make covering your eye a something that only you can do (anyone can do that, it’s just that no one thinks to), so the way to get around that is to do it subtly so that no one notices your doing it, but still subconciously recognise it as your style when it’s done.

Bitch stole my look!

Another good example is the G-Star brand (you knew I was gonna bring that one up didn’t you?), which is generally fairly recognizable due to it’s distinctive design and branding. I’ve seen other brands try and copy the “look”, Industrie being a major offender, and when you see it you realize that it is a copy of a look, but again, it’s hard to say why it’s a copy and not the original article, and it’s because it’s missing details that consciously you’re not even aware of. Everyone knows Lady Gaga has crazy cool outfits, but it’s also the way she acts, the things that she does that contibute to her image or “brand” as it were. So yeah, that’s my non crazy person interpretation of it.

just your regular jeans and a tshirt...

Sorry for going on and on, I got onto a bit of a roll there.

Anyway, to end on a less insane and more lighthearted note: pictures! (thats what this blog is all about anyway, not bloody essays!). Specifically, some more cool outfits as worn by Lady Gaga who is becoming more and more my favorite pop star.

^^ those are fucking monitors on her glasses…how freaking cool is that?

^^ this ones less hot, still awesome for being so out there though.


Hahahaha Gary Busey is awesome, and also insane. Star of some crap action movies back in the 80’s he had and accident and suffered brain damage. And is still suffering today from the looks of things. Some British guy tried to interview him for some pre Oscars event and I think what resulted is the clearest and most candid look into the mind of someone truly insane.

I love the bit where he starts vigorously shaking his head for no reason other than pure liquid insanity.

Apparently the 80s are OUT

According to this. I disagree. While the 80s will be less mainstream than before I doubt the influence will evaporate like fog, leaving us with 30s and 40s inspired outfits. Trends by definition do go in and out of fashion, but instead of disappearing I expect the 80s look to go underground again, much like it has been before its flirtation with the mainstream. As for the earlier decades, the only style I would draw inspiration from is the jazz age look – flapper women and men dressing sharply (spats!). Think of the massive parties from the Great Gatsby…they were pretty cool.

I may regret this in the future (but I can always come back and edit this later haha) but I for one will not give up on the 70s-80s looks.

The importance of accessorizing

Oftentimes, even with an amazing outfit you can find that your appearance lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. When one does some really in-depth analysis it quite often boils down to a simple lack of accessorizing and/or styling. Shirts, pants, and shoes do not an outfit make. You’ll end up looking like a jedi all swathed in cloth, that is, boring (at least they have lightsabers). The way to really add OOMPH and STYLE to any outfit is (drum roll please) …accessorizing. Yes, that’s right, simply adorning yourself with extra items which serve no real purpose other than enhancing your outfit is my preferred method of dressing. It’s like having a conversation with someone who has something to say about everything, there’s lots to say, you just hope its worth hearing, and the same goes for accessorizing, you need to make sure that whatever you’re wearing is worth displaying.

So how do we accessorize? Well, there are loads of ways and all of them allow you to further express your own individual style. Basically any part of your body not covered in clothes you can wear accessories. Different things you can wear are rings, bracelets, scarves, glasses, belts, some types of jackets (blazers, coats etc), necklaces, nail polish, earings, tattoos, headbands, hats, etc. Kind of an exhaustive list you can dip into when looking to accessorize.

My suggestion for basic accessorizing would be rings, bracelets, and sunnies, and possibly a necklace (scarf for winter). Thats a good basic kit so to speak. Now, it’s very important when accessorizing that you ensure that you are creating/extending your own style as bad accessories look tacked on and uninteresting. A perfect example is not getting Ray Bans Wayfarers, just because every man and his dog now have a pair. I’m not knocking them by the way, they are definitely a nice style of sunglasses but there are plenty of other nice sunglasses out there, and very high on my list of advice is not following trends (too much anyway) as it doesn’t denote style as much as mindless herd following, something I can’t abide. Robert Patinson wears them, that alone should be reason enough not to. For example, I’m currently looking at getting some new sunglasses, and the style I’m looking at is a round horn-rim style. They are very much in fashion because of the tortoiseshell frames (just becoming popular at the moment) and the 60’s/70’s look, but at the same time they’re quite unique and don’t ape the wayfarer look. You might remember one of my earlier posts mentioned new frames that were becoming more popular, aka the Oliver people’s frames (the frames in the picture of that post are called Clubmaster frames), well they’ve become too popular and now everyone has them and you can buy cheapies pretty much anywhere. So that’s why I’m not going for them.

old school horn rim glasses

The best way to accessorize is to figure out a genre/style/look that pretty much only you do (mine’s electro-space-glam-rock n roll) so that you have your basic look sorted. The more adjectives you have the more specific and therefore unique your style will be. Just a heads up. Anyway, next work out what accessories you need to complement that style. That way you never end up just being swayed by the masses and looking boring. Another example (sorry if I sound self-centered, but I’m own best example) is that I wanted to get a necklace, but I wasn’t sure what to get except that it obviously couldn’t be trendy (aka no cruicifixes, rosaries or thick figaro chains). I thought about putting different objects on a chain, I had some bad ideas (upside down crucifix, ring, vampire teeth) and then some good but impractical ideas like for example a little vial of my own blood on a chain. Finally I figured out an old key on a chain would be an awesome look and voila! I have a new necklace that’s different. I’d just like to add at this point that I’m aware some women have keys on chains (Swarovski do a crystal studded one) but the look I’m going for is more of a “found” look IE I just happen to have strung an old key I have on a chain. But I’m aware I’m not the only person to do this look…just one of the very very few. Also, the benefit of the “found” look is that it makes the accessory look like it was your sudden inspiration and not something that was carefully calculated which of course enhances the unique look of the item. Yes I’m aware it’s misleading.

So I hope this helps anyone who actually reads this blog in getting some cool looks happening, and if you use any ideas or are (possibly) inspired by what I’ve written take a photo and share your look. Until next time folks, same glam time, same glam channel 😀