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Return of the Posts – I am back!!!

Not that anyone noticed I was gone no doubt. Anyway I have a new resolution now to do a post a day for anyone that does read my blog (all ONE of you haha). I can’t promise that they’ll always be amazing (but who am I kidding, of COURSE they will) but at least there will always be something new to think about and look at etc. Even if i just post some picture or other I steal off another (better) site.

Anyway to accompany this post I though I’d mention that I’ve found a place that does boots in Melbourne of the type that I am so fond of, the pointy toed rocker boot with a heel (technically, a winklepicker boot with cuban heel). The place that makes them is called Shoes by Rocco and has an amazing pedigree, being that HEAPS of famous people have bought shoes from there, people like Bowie (BOWIE), The Strokes, Jet, Dallas Crane, and Bon Jovie, among many others. In fact, Rocco has become something of a rock and roll legend himself thanks to the style of shoes he makes, with exhibitions of his work displayed at real art galleries.

I am SO getting a pair. I went in the other day and spoke to John, Rocco’s son (who is now taking over the business) and they are custom making boots from the end of February. I want to get mine custom made because if I’m going to get boots that are from a legend, off the shelf just won’t do. I’m thinking about getting a pair of red leather ankle boots, and getting a custom stamp or engraving put on the side of the boot to make it more personal, something like “Henderson” or the Henderson family crest. I’m not sure yet, but I’ve got a month to work it out.

Also, apparently it’s doppelganger week, mine in case you can’t guess is Vince Noir/Noel Fielding. Whats yours?


Dressing up your shoes – in spats

Yes thats right, I’m putting it out there that a good way to dress up shoes would be by wearing spats, a la Scrooge McDuck. I’ve got two pairs of shoes that I wear constantly, the silver winklepicker boots mentioned in previous posts, and a pair of plain black winklepicker boots. Now sometimes the silver boots can be a bit overpowering depending on how much I want to dress up, while the black boots can be a bit plain. I need something that falls in the middle, something a bit more interesting than plain black boots but less full on than silver boots. So I figured that spats could be a way to do that. And this is a fashion statement that hasn’t even be done yet, its not an emerging trend (unless somehow I bring it in, but that’s unlikely), and isn’t a style that is going to become stale anytime soon because as I said it’s not a trend at all. I’m planning to buy a pair soon, I’ll make sure to post pictures, thoughts and reactions when I get them. You saw it here first!

Shining Silver Shoes

I finally got the silver winklepicker boots, after a long wait and a bit of a mix up the day has come where my feet are sheathed in the shiny goodness! At first I ordered a UK size 9 pair because thats what I was in Doc Martins, but it seems there was a bit of a discrepancy as the boots (when the finally came) were almost too small to physically fit on my feet. In the end I did manage to squeeze them on but that was even worse as they were far, far too tight and extremely painful to wear for any more than say 10 minutes. I was very disapointed, moreso because the boots were just so cool and I couldn’t wear them. Long story short, I ordered UK size 11 boots, they arrived just a few days ago and are amazing!! Really really quality boots and they just look so cool, I feel like a space prostitute wearing them (that’s a good thing). Anyway theres not a lot more to be written about them as the boot are more of an experience so you’ll just have to check out the photos to get an idea of the WIN they have. If you ever want boots like this you can get them from here. Just don’t get silver or I will murder you and your family!

sleek and sexy

a blurry sighting of a space prostitute