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What’s it all about?

Sometimes I wonder what it’s all for.

You think you’ve found the secret to happiness and it was under you nose all along, love, love you think is what we live for, this wonderful happiness that illuminates a life you thought was fine, but on closer inspection was just a drab grey existence compared to the happiness you’ve now found.

And then that person you thought was the greatest person in your life, the one that gave it all that beautiful meaning turns it all around, and makes it the the most disgustingly hurtful thing. This is life, a cycle of joy and despair. There is no happiness, we take it from each other. If one person is happy, it is because another person is miserable.

Fuck life, it’s a pointless lottery of happiness ultimately existing for nothing whatsoever.


How to meet people

Wear something weird (you don’t actually have to, but it will help if you’re not good at conversations, or starting them). Go to a bar. Pick one that isn’t like a pick up bar, but just a place that has seats at the bar and serves drinks. Go there (presumably on your own). Drink. Stay ’til close. At some point during the night, people will talk to you. Go from there. It’s not really that hard if you’re that desperate. Which I’m sure not hahahahhaahhahahahaha.

Jacket advice

So to make up for my lack of posts I’m doing two. This ones about jackets. Awhile back you may remember I was quite excited because I got a sick (but expensive) jacket from G-Star Raw that was thin and shiny. Cool stuff. But I’ve since come to realise that what is even better as a light summer/autumn jacket is actually a tailored and fitted blazer. It harkens back to the mod look and the 60s and is really awesome. Even when you’re fairly casual you look dressed up to the nines. Which by the way I’m now going to make an effort to do. For work, on my days off, going out, whenever, I’ll look good.

Tell me that isn’t fucking cool. Not to toot my own trumpet or anything haha. A word of advice about getting them as well is that for me anyway, getting them almost one size too small is the best look. As long as your not fat. Which I’m not. But no, what I mean is that my look is a tall and skinny look, and if the sleeves are ever so short, it’ll emphasize that look.

Enjoy the awesomeness 😀

Dressing up your shoes – in spats

Yes thats right, I’m putting it out there that a good way to dress up shoes would be by wearing spats, a la Scrooge McDuck. I’ve got two pairs of shoes that I wear constantly, the silver winklepicker boots mentioned in previous posts, and a pair of plain black winklepicker boots. Now sometimes the silver boots can be a bit overpowering depending on how much I want to dress up, while the black boots can be a bit plain. I need something that falls in the middle, something a bit more interesting than plain black boots but less full on than silver boots. So I figured that spats could be a way to do that. And this is a fashion statement that hasn’t even be done yet, its not an emerging trend (unless somehow I bring it in, but that’s unlikely), and isn’t a style that is going to become stale anytime soon because as I said it’s not a trend at all. I’m planning to buy a pair soon, I’ll make sure to post pictures, thoughts and reactions when I get them. You saw it here first!

Winter fashion trends

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper article so I thought today would be a good day to do one 🙂

So, as you may have gathered by now I work at G-Star RAW. We’ve just got our new autumn/winter collection come in and I was rather surprised to see that a major theme of the collection was a Canadian/outdoors/lumberjack type of vibe. I must say it took me by surprise. Lots of checks, lots of flannel, lots of dark reds and mossy greens (the dark red color used this season is even referred to as “ox blood” color for extra brute-ness). The collection name in case you’re wondering is called Bronco, and a lot of it looks something like this:

Anyway so the reason I mention it is because I’m in the southern hemisphere, where we are 6 months behind the northern hemisphere, meaning they would have had this collection about 6 months ago. And I happened to be reading the New York Time’s blog on fashion when I came across something interesting: this. It seems that G-Star isn’t the only one with lumberjack dreams but unless I’m way off they must have come up with this long before anyone else did. Even if they didn’t, they managed to bring it out a lot sooner than anyone else has.

I know it’s summer now, but the lesson to take away from this is that this winter, Canadian lumberjacks are IN. Start growing your beards! Ladies too!